Monday, May 16, 2011

School is in Session!

Hi. I’m Heather. And as you can see, this is my blog. I’m a cosmetology student... I’m still pretty new to the industry, and this is a big change in my life and my career. I’m going into my 5th week at school, so I thought I would catch you up with what has been going on. But first a little background story... As you already know, my name is Heather. I am 26 years old and I live in Cincinnati, OH. I live in a cute little townhouse with my handsome husband Bryan and my 3 kids... a dog named Marco, a cat named Ava and a rabbit named Leo. We live a pretty simple life... We are able to pay our bills(mostly, ha!) and we always have warmth, shelter over our heads and food in our stomachs. We are happy with the way our lives are. I recently cut down my hours at work to only 1 eight hour day a week. I’m a graphic designer for an automotive company. Oh, by the way, cosmetology school is my second time going to college... I first went to an art school and graduated with a degree in graphic design. I was in the business for about 6 years, but I’ve always known that it wasn’t ME. You see, I’ve wanted to be a photographer my whole life. I was originally looking into schools for photography, but my parents told me that I would make much more money with a career in my second choice.... graphic design. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents, so I went on with what they thought was best for me. Now don’t get me wrong.... I had a blast in college and I enjoy graphic design. But like I said before... It’s just not ME.

I know what you're thinking. 'If she's always wanted to be a photographer, why is she in cosmetology school?' I still long to be a photographer... and I will be. I have been doing my own photography business on the side for the past few years. I want to do events and photoshoots... I want to do weddings and be able to do the whole package... Hair, makeup and photos(with help of an assistant while I get the bridal party ready)! I'd also LOVE to work for a tv station doing hair and makeup some day. A girl can dream, can't she!?

So here I am! I really like school! I don't dread going in and I don't watch the clock or count the hours down until I get to go home. It's a really nice school and my educators are very professional. I enjoy pretty much everyone in my class(a few people can rub me the wrong way, but I still like them).

I've learned quite a bit in the past 4 weeks. So far we've learned about blowouts, Women's haircutting, Mani's/Pedi's... A lot of other things! Cosmetology school can definitely have its perks... We get to workshop on each other! Last week we gave each other mani's/pedi's(which was VERY relaxing!) and Saturday was Hair Spa day. We got to give each other a deep hair conditioning. It was AMAZING!!!! We've also done a lot of book work. Tricology(the study of hair), Anatomy, Electricity, Chemistry... It's a lot of hard work. But I'm really surprising myself. I'm doing REALLY well! The lowest score I've recieved on any of my tests have been 90%! But I average about 94%. I'm so proud of myself. I can't believe I'm doing so well... I haven't been in school since 2005 and I was really worried that I would have a hard time adjusting. Not the case at all. I'm starting to get in the swing of things and I can't wait to see what the future holds!


  1. Gah! I thought I had commented on this already!

    I am so so so proud of you, Heather!! You're going to kick ass in school and after! Plus, like we always said.. we can totally go in business together (photography and hair/makeup), we'd be covering two areas (Indy/Bloomington area and Cincinnati), too!! LOL! =D

  2. Awww, thanks Dee! And HELLS YEAH! We will make those weddings our bitch!